Ocean Love

Digital art, illustration


This is a print series inspired by some of my favourite marine animals. I really enjoyed experimenting with this bright, geometric style. I think the sharpness and rigidity of the lines make for an interesting visual contrast to the natural, organic, and flowing state of the ocean.

These were created with the intention of being sold as framed prints and postcards at the Save Philippine Seas anniversary bazaar, along with other artists' marine-related works, last September 2013.


The hammerhead print (above) was featured on Tumblr radar and currently has over 3,000 likes and reblogs.


At the back of the postcards is my favourite e.e. cummings poem:

"For whatever we lose,
(like a you or a me),

it's always ourselves
we find in the sea."

Me with one of my framed prints at the festival.


I also made a couple of spin-offs that I submitted as entries to the Graphika Manila 2014 book, the second of which ended up getting featured.